The Abstinence Club

Topics: Human sexuality, AIDS, Marriage Pages: 2 (873 words) Published: July 30, 2010
The Abstinence Club
All pressure is not bad. In high school, I was apart of a organization called the Abstinence Club. Before joining I found out that the Abstinence Club was an organization that provides positive peer pressure among adults and teens within the society. It’s also a group of persons who all come together and agree that they are going to wait until marriage or either become celibate and stop having sex until getting married. The main rule or agreement of the Abstinence Club is to abstain from having sex until marriage. For that reason I not only joined but also became the president of thee club, I joined because it was nice to know I wasn’t thee only teenager who felt the immediate need to rush into having sex. For example, most the teens at the age of fifth teen had already had about three or more sex partners and was proud, when I haven’t even had one. The group started out with about thirty members, who came every Thursday for a hour from three to four o’clock. Over the weeks those 30 members would shed away until it was about ten loyal members who all came faithfully every week and understood the whole concept of the organization. During meetings we talked about the struggles of dealing with sex daily and how many feel pressured into sex. Like for a example, a girl in my group shared how they where going with a boyfriend for a couple months and during the whole so called relationship they where asked when and if they where going to have sex. We eve discussed every sexually transmitted disease there is, and the affects each one can have on a person. Like the the STD called H.P.V there are hundreds of them but there is only a few what can affect a person horribly. HPV can be transferred by skin to skin contact as well as sexually and may cause warts to appear. To make our discussions we had even more clear, we would watch different moves of people with different STD’s and look at disturbing pictures to make sure our minds would surely be...
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