That Man Can Have an Easier Life

Topics: Old age, Middle age, Gerontology Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: March 4, 2013
In the scorching July heat, a man walks on the footpath headed to his destination with files clutched under his armpits. His demeanor and his strides were of a much younger person but the broad daylight revealed the lines of wrinkles and lumps on his face indicating that he was no less than a 70 year old man. And when I looked around I saw many such old and middle aged people walking about with paper files clutched under their armpits heading toward the post office, photocopiers or to any yellow walled office of a government official. Their mannerism and their stiff style of walking indicated that they are retired government officials. Then my thoughts jumped to the bad, yet in some way comical situation of our country. The officials were known to be corrupted and so were expected to roam around in land cruisers. Yet this man climbed out of a rickshaw, argued with him over few rupees and headed towards a photocopier. He may have walked at least a mile to save his auto fare. So all I could relate him with was with an honest ex officer who is now, despite his old age and tiring limbs is doing some paperwork, perhaps for himself or for anyone in his family. That meant he is not very well off and is maybe living on a pension. Than my thoughts wandered on his income and on several honest people who live and survive on income the state provides. Anyone can guess now that the man may not be very well off or has to be a real penny pincher. Funny how my thoughts shift from one place to another? Any how, so I was wondering exactly how much does this state provides to them? And even today how our state relies on photocopies and paperback system. Where was the term of the world becoming a global village? It sure was not only restricted to private sectors? Now that sir, is pure discrimination. And one thing I have most commonly noticed is why in the world are they not carrying around their data is some sort of electronic backup? Using technology should actually cut costs in...
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