Marketing Environment and Marketing Analysis

Topics: Non-profit organization, Strategic management, Donation Pages: 3 (800 words) Published: April 25, 2012

In the case study ‘Youngcare and the donation landscape’ it is evident that the not-for-profit organization needed to raise funds to provide facilities to Young adults with high needs. In order to do this the organization had to study its environment ie its competitors, raising awareness amongst people and setting its targets. Youngcare competes with other renowned not for profit organizations such as the Red Cross and the McGrath Foundation; its direct competitors. The not for profit organization needed to analyze consumer behavior with regard to donations. We have all encountered situations where we make a donation atleast once in our lives. However the number of thoughts that run through our minds before we make that donations are numerous. As consumers we tend to think of our alternatives before purchasing any good or service. With regard to donations it is the same mindset. To quote the study ‘Making a contribution to charity is a purchasing decision that consumers choose to make, just as they choose to spend money on other items and experiences (e.g. entertainment, food, travel etc)’ Other ‘purchases by consumers’ are a form of indirect competition the organization faces. In order to understand its target market Youngcare seeks to research on donation behavior. When making a donation there are several factors they had to consider. Such as the :

* income status of the individual- it is evident that a person with more money is likely to contribute for society’s wellbeing in comparison to a person with less money as he would have income to satisfy only his needs and wants. * Marital status – Married couple with children are less likely to donate in comparison to an individual who is single as they have more expenses and purchases to make. * Gender – According to research women donate more time to charity than men.

Economic conditions refers to the factors that affect...
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