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Topics: Teacher, Guidance, Sentence Pages: 2 (658 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Text presentation of the extract “Anne meets her class”

Lolita Romanyuk
201st group
Language and literature (Modern Greek)

The title of the text is “Anne meets her class”. The author’s name is Dora Jessie Saint, best known by pen-name Miss Reed, she is an English novelist. The text is extract from the novel “Fresh from the Country”, the story of a young country girl who has taken a first teaching job in the big city. The text tells us about first day of a young teacher at school. She was introduced to her new class by the headmistress. At that moment Anne felt helpless and embarrassed. The headmistress, Miss Enderby, is imperious and strict person, she spoke in an imperative tone and with children and with Anne. When she looked round the class she noticed a boy named Arnold and advised Anne to keep an eye on him, but Anne thought about him like about too innocent and apple-cheeked to have bad record. The headmistress gave last advices to Anne and went out and left Anne with her new class. When the door closed after headmistress pupils who had kept silence for so long time began to chat cheerfully. Anne watched them with some dismay and then she suddenly remembered advice given her at college: to stand still and to be calm and gradually children will notice that you are waiting. So she decided to follow this advice but children didn’t get quiet so she advanced into action and shouted them down. The theme of the text is job and career. The message of the text can be expressed in the following words: advice isn’t always good and right, you must act according to the situation and use own brains. Sometimes breaking rules is not as bad as it may be. The author describes Anne as a shy, patient and quiet person with the words like: ” watery smile “,” Anne gazed back feeling helpless “,” she looked with a fresh interest “.The headmistress said about the boy named Arnold such words: “Broken home – brother in Borstal – and some other dreadful...
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