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The Last Lesson- Alphonse Daudet

By school_life_rocks Feb 25, 2014 803 Words
The Last Lesson
Franz didn’t want to go to school that day as his French teacher Mr. Hamel had announced that he would take a test on French Participles and Franz unprepared for it. Franz was afraid of M Hamel’s ruler and being scolded.  Although Franz was more interested in spending day out of school, he eventually decided to go to school. On the way he passed through the Town Hall where a huge crowd had gathered around the notice board. Franz didn’t stop there as he was well aware that this board had always been serving bad news about the war. Blacksmith told him no need to hurry for school but Franz thought he was making fun of him. On Reaching School he was surprised to see the sea change in daily environment.  There was no noise as usual, no lesson chanting sound by students. It seemed as a Sunday morning. All students were already in their class room. M Hamel was walking with his iron ruler under his arm. Franz was frightened  to enter in class as he thought that he would be scolded badly as he was very late but to his surprise, M Hamel did not say anything to him, rather welcomed him politely “Go to your place quickly little Franz, we were beginning without you”.  After sitting on his seat Franz noticed that teacher was wearing his beautiful green coat, frilled shirt with a little black silk cap having embroidery on it, this type of dress usually he wore on functions or prize ceremonies only.  Franz also noticed that the other villager including old Hauser, former Mayor and former post master were also presented in class they were in last benches. He couldn’t understand until M Hamel announced the notice which was served from Berlin that now onwards no French would be taught in schools of Alsace and Lorraine, only German would be taught in the schools of these two French cities and he emotionally requested students to be more attentive for their last French lesson.  Franz now realized that what was there on notice board in Town Hall. 

These words of notice fell on Franz like a thunder clap. He couldn’t believe it would be his last lesson that day. He was badly repenting that why he didn’t learn, never paid attention to his lessons. He hardly knew how to read and write French. He was repenting that instead of studying he would go for other pleasant activities.  His book that seemed always burden to him now to same appeared to him like old friends. Even his thoughts for his teacher M. Hamel changed thinking as realized that he would never see him again as it was his last day in the school.  He forgot about his cranky nature and his cruel ruler. Now he could that the teacher had wore this dress in honor of his last lesson. He also understood why older people were presented in class as they were repenting why they never worry to go to school and they were there to show their respect to their teacher, who served them for forty years.

When Franz’s name was called to recite the lesson, he made mistake and could even speak few words just opposite to his thinking teacher did not scold him rather he preached him that one should not waste his precious time just by live in impression that there is plenty of time and postponing the important things for next day. How would they feel when someone will make fun of them that they were not able to speak or write the French despite of being Frenchmen? Teacher did not put all blame on him but he also blamed the parents who never bothered to send their children to school to study instead they put their children to work on farms and in mill to earn extra money. Even he blamed himself that he often would send his pupils to water his plants instead of study at school and he would declare a holiday whenever he wanted to go to fishing. Teacher further said about the French language that it was the most beautiful, clearest and most logical language of the world. People should stick with their language it will be proven as the key to their prison in case they are enslaved.   A magic had happened that day in class the students understood everything very well, because they were more attentive and teacher was more patient and polite on that day.

Finally with very heavy heart, M Hamel stood up, he was very sad as he walked to the black board, took a chalk and wrote on it “Vive La France” which means “Long Live France” and declared the class was dismissed.

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