Bad Girls in School

Topics: Family, English-language films, Stepfamily Pages: 3 (1207 words) Published: August 24, 2013
A summary of the story
This story starts off with three girls going to Redeemer College a school for only girls, they have caused so much trouble for the time they have been attending the school and have given it a bad reputation. Ta Jeeka Brentford, Caledonia Nuttall and Katreena Melmac has made it their duty to disobey anyone who tries to tell them what is right but on a July afternoon a meeting is called to decide what to do with the three girls but the principal’s mind has been made up for expulsion. However the chairman of the school board Canon Rodney Pryce and the junior librarian Elaine Mico does not think that is a good idea, they believe that the girls need a second chance to prove themselves. Still thinking that the girls should be expelled the principal starts pointing out the things the girls have done like; skipping classes to sleep behind the hibiscus hedge which is out of bounds, bullying younger children for their lunch money and also not returning library books. The only thing the principal wanted was these three girls out of the school because the keep on disrupting it and driving teachers away, but being a Christian the chairman wanted to understand the three girls so with the help of Ms Mico they set up a one year programme called the Integrated Learning Unit for the analysis of the girls. For the start of her programme Elaine Mico started up on some files about the girls first she went through Katreena Melmac; she lives with her mother who is a policewoman, her father is a road manager so he’s usually abroad, always getting into trouble because she says whatever she feels, stealing and cheating but there’s one good thing about Ms.Melmac her grades for English and History and it’s because her spoken English is also good. She has interest in social activities, public speaking and drama. Next, Ms.Mico took a look at Ta Jeeka’s files. She is loud and rude, and likes alot of attention, don’t like to be ignored. Stealing is...
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