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“Journal writing is a valuable activity for English learners because it involves real and purposeful dialogue and because it is nonthreatening- it will not be corrected or graded. Finally, because journals are structured like an oral conversation and provide a real audience, students see journal writing as a meaningful activity…” (Peregoy& Boyle, 2013, page, 280) As a teacher, it is important to me to look for ways to engage my Arabic language learners in meaningful communication. The perfect way I have found is journal writing. The same thing I would like to say in the world of ELLs, journaling can be indispensable for teachers trying to help their students learn how to express themselves in another language. The first main idea I would like to write about is “From Personal Journals to Dialogue Journals to Buddy Journals” In personal journals students learn that the journals are for their own personal and private ideas. In dialogue journals students can continue to write about the same topics and ideas as in personal journals except that the teachers will respond to their writing regularly. And the purpose of this journal is to develop fluency and authentic conversation on paper. In buddy journals students can do conversation between each other. “The process approach to writing is especially valuable for English learners because it allows them to write from their own experiences” (Peregoy, Boyle, 2013, page, 263) English language learners generally have the greatest difficult becoming proficient English writers. We know that writing is a complex process and can lead to learner frustration. It is important for teachers to provide a supportive environment for the students.
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