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1.Briefly explain the jurisdiction the Subordinate Court in Malaysia
Subordinate Court in Malaysia consisting of two parts which is the Magistrate’s Court and the Sessions Court
Magistrate’s Court: * Hear all civil matters of which the claim does not exceed RM2500 generally in criminal matters, the Magistrate’s court have power to try all offences od which of the maximum terms of imprisonment does not exceed 10 years or which are punishable with fire only but may pass sentences not exceeding 5 years imprisonment, fire not exceeding RM10,000 and/or whipping up 12 strokes * Also hear appeals from the penghulu’s court
The Session Court: * A session court has the jurisdiction to hear both criminal and civil cases at present there are 87 sessions court judges throughout Malaysia * Judge is appointed by the Yang-Di-Pertuan Agong
2. Identify the various sources of Malaysian Law and its example. a) The Federal Constitution b) The 13 Constitution of the States comprising the Federation c) Federal law made by Parliament d) State laws made by State Assemblies e) Federal and State Subsidiary Legislation made by persons or bodies under powers conferred on them by Acts of Parliament or Enactments of State Assemblies respectively f) Judicial decisions of the Superior Courts and often referred to ‘common law’ or ‘ judge-made law’ g) Principles of English law suitable to local circumstances h) Islamic law which is applicable only to Muslims

3. Describe the hierarchy of courts in Malaysia and discuss its establishment and composition.

Federal Court: 5 or 7 judges
Court of Appeal: 3 judges
High Court of Malaya: 1 judge
Sessions Court: 1 judge
Magistrates’ Court: 1 judge
High Court of Sabah and Sarawak: 1 judge
Sessions Court: 1 judge
Magistrates’ Court: 1 judge

4. In Malaysia, federal laws are made by parliament. Explain clearly the process by which such laws are made.
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