Structure of Judicial System in Malaysia

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Structure of judicial system in Malaysia

Federal Court Superior Courts

Court of Appeal

High Court(Malaya) High Court(Sabah&Sarawak)

Syariah Court
Syariah Court
Native Court

Sessions Court Sessions Court

Juvenile court Magistrate Court Magistrate court Juvenile Court

Penghulu’s Court
Subordinate Courts

The judicial powers of the country are exercised by the subordinate courts, the High Courts and the Federal Court, organized in a hierarchy with the subordinate courts at the lower level and the superior courts (comprising the High Courts, the Court of Appeal and Federal Court) at the higher level. At the apex of the hierarchy is the Federal Court, which has been in existence since 1 January 1985. It is the final appeal court in Malaysia replacing the former Supreme Court. It is headed by the Lord President. Below the Federal Court are the Court of Appeal and the High Court of Malaya (for West Malaysia). Both the courts have co-ordinate jurisdiction. Each of these courts is headed by a Chief Justice. Below the High Courts are the Sessions Courts. Each of these courts is presided over by a sessions court judge. On the same hierarchy as the Sessions Court is the Juvenile court, which is a special court, which deals with juvenile offenders. This court presided over by a first class magistrate. Below the Sessions Courts are the Magistrates Courts, which are presided over by a...
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