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A girl in my class, Mary, is struggling to keep up with the rest of the class and is falling behind. She often comes to school without having even attempted to do any homework and will at times fall asleep during a lesson Looking into the matter I discovered that she takes care of both her siblings that are younger than her, as her parents have sadly passed away due to HIV Aids. The children are struggling to take care of themselves and make ends meet due to the fact that they are just children, and will often go to bed hungry. I have used my knowledge of African Philosophy, especially that of Ubuntu (a sense of community among people, where the community is more important that an individual) to try and help Mary as much as I possibly can.

African Philosophy focuses on the importance of the community, which has a far better heirachy than the individual. It is a philosophy which tries so solve the problems of Africa. Western thinking of colonising Africa and dominating it is abhorred, as well as the theorey that Africans do not have any rational thinking of their own. Afrian Philosophy thus consists for the following methods of enquiry: 1. Ethnic Philosophy – the whole experience of humans

2. Sage Philosophy – the individuals in society that are wise and can think critically 3 Political Philosophy -
4. Pure Philosophy
The most important aspect of African Philosophy however is Ubuntu. That everyone is neighbours and that we are all interwoven through each other, whether we are a begger in the street or a rich man in his mansion Based on Ubuntu, I will send a notice out to the parents of the class and the community to ask for their help in either looking after Mary’s siblings while she is at school, or while she does her homework. Perhaps a roter can be drawn up to drop off some cooked meals for the family, or even some clothing to be donated. Perhaps there is a family...

Bibliography: 1. Higgs, P & Smith, J. 2006. Rethinking Our World. Cape Town: Juta. Second edition
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