The Philosophy of Ubuntu

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For the purpose of this essay the term community refers to the class Introduction
Mary is the learner in my class who is an AIDS OPHARN, She lives with her Brother and her younger sister, They are struggling to survive as they have no proper clothing and school uniform. They often go to sleep hungry. This situation affects Mary’s performance in her school work. As Mary’s Teacher I will use African Philosophy to show how she can be helped and assisted in her situation. I will explain the Central Ethical Idea in African Philosophy which is UBUNTU. I will then show how UBUNTU Principles can be used by the community .therefore my solution o the problem will be to teach and to show he Community (class)the importance of Embodying the principles of African Philosophy.

African Philosophy can be defined as a response to the problems and troubles of Africa and to the domination of Western thoughts. The most important aspects of African Philosophy is that, Unlike Western Philosophy, which regards the individual as the center of life, it puts the community first. African philosophy emphasizes the sense of communalism that we as human beings should have.

The central ethical principle that African philosophy embodies is Ubuntu which in English is translated as Humanity. The idea of Ubuntu is related to human happiness and wellbeing, A fuller meaning of Ubuntu can be found in a Nguni Expression “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” this means a human being is a human being through other human being, in other words “I am because you are “. Ubuntu avoids the Materialism of the Western World and it recognizes that the human self exist and Develops only in relationship with others. Every community needs to embrace the Ubuntu Principles. In my endeavor as a Teacher to instill the Ubuntu principles in our community, I can relate to the article by Barbara Nussbaum (liaison for African world business academy). When she articulated some of the principles and values of Ubuntu , she said...
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