Technology in Education

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Thing Pages: 2 (771 words) Published: January 24, 2014
The E-Learning in Educational Entity
Joriez A. Pega, BSE 22

It’s been decades since technology influenced the worldwide learning place- classroom. We have seen a lot of changes that it caused to our reality especially to our lives. These changes made an impact for the humanity that enables us to see the narrow road of discovery and exploration. Also, it brought us the realization that we can reach every impossible thing with our bare hands through the use of it. It is not debatable or questionable that technology brought higher order learning to the youth of this millennium. We have seen the credible results to our fellows as they navigate and introduce themselves in different parts of the world. Humans made names and trends which reminds his same race on how technology modifies our education and the way a student can learn. To satisfy everyone’s waiting, following are only some of the contributions of technology in education. Expand classroom walls. It means that students are not only limited on what a subject-centred ideals had imparted to them. Through the use of the modern connection, the internet, students can make their learning comprehensive and broad. They can access all aged and timely informations on different disciplines using the World Wide Web. It provides them a wide-range experience of knowing and discovering things through their own grasp. It also let them to become open-minded in the reality, which assures the essentiality of knowledge and how it affects their day-to-day decisions, mobility in life. Promote Higher Order Thinking Skills. Technology upholds the tool in recreating students’ knowledge. Because students can have the access on all kind of information, they drive themselves on building their own knowledge, understanding and beliefs on how they would relate it to the other existing information. It lets them not only to perceive facts but to decide which among the knowledge is suitable for their capacity and it’s appropriateness on...
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