Technology Effect on Special Needs

Topics: Disability, Education, Special education Pages: 1 (356 words) Published: April 18, 2013
What are ‘special needs’?
- Special needs are individual learning needs that a student has because of health problems, hearing difficulties, vision difficulties, speech impediments, physical disabilities, learning difficulties, mobility problems or temporary difficulties due to accident or injury. -the "how tech has changed special needs" section is good, you gave some good examples of how it has changed and impacted the lives of people with special needs •How Technology has changed special-needs?

- In the past few years the technology to assist people with special needs has increased dramatically. Now people can enjoy the same things as people who don't need special needs. - The technology facilitated the students' ability to make personal connections with others and provided opportunities to focus on writing skills within a context that they valued. - Communication technologies can also foster social learning by connecting students one to one. - The number of students with disabilities has been steadily increasing at a faster rate than both the general population and school enrollment.4 today, approximately one of six students in schools across the United States cannot benefit fully from a traditional educational program because they have a disability that impairs their ability to participate in classroom activities. - Voice Thread is a free software program that captures student voices and photos in order to collaborate on a topic. It is a technological substitute for written papers and allows students freedom to narrate their own projects. ( - Sounding Board is an iPad/iPod Touch app that lets a student turn their device into a story board communicator. Students with writing disabilities and communication disorders can use the symbols to create their own messages in the same way that traditional symbol boards work, but easily and with a limitless supply of symbols. - Tech Matrix offers consumer guides and links to...
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