Childcare Unit 3

Topics: Subroutine, Learning, Periodization Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: January 3, 2013

D7: Show an understanding of diversity and inclusive practice. Diversity is an understanding and excepting that all children are different. It is showing that everyone is diverse, and that everyone has different wants and needs. Inclusive practice is when all children, no matter how diverse, are included in the same activity and don’t get left out; however, the practitioners help adjust activities to help meet the special needs of others, whilst making them feel like they can do anything with any other child no matter their ability. People may need special needs due to their ethnicity, culture, religion, language, background, SEN, gender or ability.

D3: Describe 1 suitable method of observing and recording the social development of children aged 5 years. There is two main different ways to record a child’s development and progress. The first is called ‘Structured Recording’ and the second ‘Unstructured Recording’. Structured recording is where you observe a child independently whilst they’re playing, learning, or participating an activity and following their progress by following a basic tick/check list. It involves looking for particular skills or behaviour that they can either do, or cannot. This is a great way to follow a child’s progress because the practitioners can track if they can or can’t do something and can refer back to the sheet and clearly see what needs working on. Structured recording shows the main developments children should have learnt or be learning by their age so the practitioners also know what level they should be at. The disadvantage to Structured recording though is that you cannot expand on answers. It doesn’t look at what the child may be able to do ahead of their time, or if there is something particular inside one of the headings/subjects that the child does not understand. Another way of recording a child’s development is ‘Unstructured Recording’. This is where the practitioner observing a child, but chooses what...
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