Techno Stress

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Do you know what technostress is?
Are you swamped with all sorts of messages? Can’t resist taking your laptop with you on your holidays? Is your cell phone constantly interrupting you when you’re working? Welcome to the world of new information technologies! But be careful–too much computer, cell phone and social networking can have an adverse effect on your health called technostress. Did you know that managers receive 150 messages on average every day? That means interruptions every four minutes.1 To reduce the effects of stress and the sense of false urgency caused by too many messages, the following are tips that can help you reflect on the reasonable use of e-mail. 6. 7. 8. Clearly identify your attached files Delete unused messages in a message thread Avoid replies that have no added value It is not necessary to reply to an e-mail simply to say thank you, my pleasure, etc. when corresponding within the company. Think twice before sending a copy of the e-mail to someone else When you add a person to the mailing list, you are multiplying the time spent.

10 rules for proper use of e-mail at work
At work, keep these rules in mind and share them with your colleagues! By following these general guidelines, you’ll make life easier for you and your workmates as well! 1. Time is money Make sure the people you are e-mailing won’t waste time trying to understand your e-mails. Keep them clear and simple! Keep your messages short–it’s not rude Aim for clarity The subject of your e-mail must be clear. If your message has more than five sentences, make your point at the beginning. Avoid general questions Get straight to the point so the recipient can reply correctly. Use the subject line only if the message contains fewer than 12 words 9.

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10. Close your e-mail application Work on one project at a time and switch off your e-mail during the day. Plan specific times to read and reply to your e-mails.

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Unplug! Before collapsing...
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