Business Letter and Persuasive Memo

Topics: Business letter, Defamation, Question Pages: 2 (298 words) Published: October 16, 2012
1. As my begins her business career she will probably find herself writing more ____ than anything else? a. Letter, memo, email, reports.
2. First thing you ask when begin analyzing task
3. Best comm. Channel when discussing disagreement with someone in your office 4. Email messages and memos
5. Feedback
6. Subject lines
7. Standard Guide words (to, from)
8. Formatting hard copy memos
9. Indirect patterns and when to use each of them
10. All examples about requesting information (opening “ask for information”) 11. Formatting answers to request letters
12. Letters vs memos (inside vs outside office respectively) 13. When business letters are preferred over email messages 14. Everyday correspondence includes ____
15. Routine business letters (what should be in each part) 16. When asking a series of questions in a business letter what is best way to present them 17. Formatting a letter
18. Closing as letter requesting information
19. Opening sentence for a straight forward claim letter
20. Goals in writing adjustment letters
21. Goodwill messages (5 S’s)
22. How to write a persuasive memo
23. How to increase your success in writing a persuasive memo 24. Each step of 3X3 writing process
25. Organizational patterns (GBRM for persuasive memo)
26. Direct and indirect benefits to the reader
27. GBRM
28. Best way to begin a complaint letter
29. How to be successful in your writing
30. What are the goals of communicating bad news
31. How to make bad feelings go away or be reduced
32. 4 part indirect plan for bad news (buffer, reason, bad news, closing) 33. Libel and Slander
34. Good guy syndrome and careless language
35. Purpose of a buffer statement
36. Implying a refusal
37. Turning down a customer’s claim (how to begin such a letter)
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