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  • Unix

    Introduction to the Unix Operating System Unix is the most widely used computer Operating System in the world. Unix has been ported to run on a wide range of computers‚ from handheld personal digital assistants to inexpensive home computing systems to some of the worlds’ largest super-computers. Unix is a multiuser‚ multitasking operating system‚ which enables many people to run many programs on a single computer at the same time. After more than three decades of use‚ Unix is still regarded

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  • Unix

    Tutorials Point‚ Simply Easy Learning UML Tutorial Tutorialspoint.com UNIX is a computer Operating System which is capable of handling activities from multiple users at the same time. Unix was originated around in 1969 at AT&T Bell Labs by Ken Thompson and Dennis Ritchie. This tutorial gives an initial push to start you with UNIX. For more detail kindly check tutorialspoint.com/unix What is Unix ? The UNIX operating system is a set of programs that act as a link between the computer and the

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  • Demise of Unix

    today and what some consider as one of the best computer operating systems called UNIX. As years pass‚ UNIX is a widely used and influential operating system that has spawned hundreds of descendants each touting their existence will bring the demise of the mighty UNIX. Even other operating systems such as IBM’s OS/2 Warp and Microsoft Windows tried to dethrone‚ and in Microsoft’s case even today‚ the seat that UNIX has in the world of operating systems. Compared to the best baseball player that has

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  • Unix- Operating Systems

    The uniqueness of UNIX The features that made UNIX a hit from the start are: • Multitasking capability • Multi-user capability • Portability • UNIX programs • Library of application software • Security 1. Multitasking Capability Many computers do just one thing at a time‚ as anyone who uses a PC or laptop can attest. Try logging onto your company’s network while opening your browser while opening a word processing program. Chances are the processor will freeze for a few seconds while

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  • Definition of Unix and History

    Unix * (officially trademarked as UNIX‚ sometimes also written as Unix with small caps) is a computer operating system originally developed in 1969 by a group of AT&T employees at Bell Labs‚ including Ken Thompson‚ Dennis Ritchie‚ Brian Kernighan‚ Douglas McIlroy‚ and Joe Ossanna. Today’s Unix systems are split into various branches‚ developed over time by AT&T as well as various commercial vendors and non-profit organizations. The Open Group‚ an industry standards consortium‚ owns the “Unix”

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  • Unix Architecture

    UNIX ARCHITECTURE The architecture of UNIX is divided into three levels. On the outer crust reside the Application Programs and other utilities. At the heart of UNIX‚ on the other hand‚ is the Kernel‚ which interacts with actual hardware in machine language. The stream lining of these two modes of communication is done by the middle layer called Shell. Thus the three basic layers are:- ✓ HARDWARE ✓ KERNEL ✓ SHELL At the core is the physical

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  • Unix Operating System

    Abstract This paper is a general overview of Unix operating system. It starts by presenting a brief history of the early development of Unix. It concentrates on main aspects of Unix operating system. Key concepts covered are interactive multi-user operating systems‚ the design objectives of Unix‚ file-store organization‚ text processing and programming‚ the role of C programming language with regard to portability and reliable system software‚ process control (signals and fork)‚ error logging

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  • Unix Versus Windows

    UNIX versus Windows Compare and Contrast Analysis of Solaris 10 and Windows 2003 Team "A" University of Phoenix Online POS 420 Introduction to UNIX Carlie VanWilligen February 20‚ 2007 Compare and contrast of operating systems There are many operating systems in use today. There are basically three types of operating systems Windows‚ Macintosh‚ and UNIX/Linux. In this paper we are going to compare and contrast Solaris and Windows Server 2003. Solaris is part of the UNIX family and

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  • Unix File Protection

    UNIX offers a file protection system that is straightforward and simple to use. However‚ many people are not aware of the value of this powerful mechanism. A secure environment is achieved not only by the operating system‚ but also through vigilant user and administrative practices. There are many schemes and mechanisms used in the UNIX operating system‚ as well as some simple tricks that are available to give the kind of file protection administrators want. For the purpose of this paper‚ a company

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  • Unix System Programming

    TECHNOLOGY CHANNASANDRA‚ BANGALORE - 61 UNIX SYSTEM PROGRAMMING NOTES FOR 6TH SEMESTER INFORMATION SCIENCE SUBJECT CODE: 06CS62 PREPARED BY RAJKUMAR Assistant Professor Department of Information Science DIVYA K 1RN09IS016 6th Semester Information Science and Engineering 1rn09is016@gmail.com Text Books: 1 Terrence Chan: Unix System Programming Using C++‚ Prentice Hall India‚ 1999. 2 W. Richard Stevens‚ Stephen A. Rago: Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment‚ 2nd Edition‚ Pearson Education

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