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Topics: Employment, Human resource management / Pages: 2 (521 words) / Published: Mar 2nd, 2015
The Impact of Regulatory and Compliance Legislation in HRM
Heidy Ramos and Michelle McNair
Introduction to Human Resources - 13

The Impact of Regulatory and Compliance Legislation in HRM
Has your company utilized all of the basic components of an effective sexual harassment policy per this list? Yes, they have it in their employee handbook. The company also had visual aid to be more descriptive.
Discuss your comments on the policy 's completeness based on the information you have reviewed. Based on the list provided my former employers cover all points on the list in their Employee Handbook. They explain who is covered under this policy, Employee protection and obligations, Complaint procedure, Disciplinary Action and Retaliation prohibited. The company also had a walk in policy, that if you felt like you were harassed by anyone in the company or benefactor’s you can come in and talk to HR at any time and also there was an hotline phone number provided as well.
Where you located the documents (e.g., Company Manual). Alternately, if your company does not have a policy, state why. Employee Handbook (provided during orientation).
Whom did you contact to access it? The Handbook was provided during my orientation.
Has the Policy met the basic components as listed by the EEOC? Yes
Comment on the completeness of the policy. If you have not located a Policy, comment on the major items it must include. I am happy that the company has taking time to make a manual to explain the police to employees, this is a Great way to let employees know about rule and regulations of the company, and how to respond if any of the codes where violated by another.
Comment on whether the policy is enforced at your workplace. The policy is enforced when a complaint is issued. Otherwise nothing is done.
How is the policy communicated in the workplace? (For example, do employees receive training on it?) When there is a problem we would communicate with our managers by text,

References: Bohlander,G and Snell, Scott (2013), Managing Human Resources (16th ED.)

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