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Understand how to handle information in social care settings- Unit 37 Outcome 1
1.1 Identify legislation and codes of practice that relate to handling information in social care settings?

Date protection Act 1998 – gives rights to individuals in respect of personal date held about them. It also seeks to protect individuals with regards to the processing personal date. Employee’s policies and procedures – to make sure that all records that are kept in the office are put away in a locked secure cabinet and when you write out the daily report sheet in the care plan book, make sure that the care plan book is closed and not left open. Health and social Act 2008- requires us to publish a code that sets out the practice we will follow in obtaining, handling, using and disclosing confidential personal information.

1.2 Explain how legal requirements and codes of practice inform practice in handling information? Legal requirements give you guidance and support when storing and handling personal and confidential information about an individual it will enable you to store information correctly and safely. Outcome 2

2.1 Explain how to maintain records that are up to date, complete, accurate and legible? A good way of maintaining records is on a computer or in a file that can be kept confidential and kept up to date. Records should be updated each time the individuals are seen to. These updates could include: Results

General visits
What happened
Date-time of arrival or visit
If information not recorded on the individual then it is not legible you should record

2.2 Describe practices that ensure security when storing and accessing information? Passwords on computers enable unauthorised people from accessing records Locked away in a filing cabinet/cupboards with keys

Not leaving notes about information
2.3 Describe features of manual and electronic information storage systems that help ensure security? Manual security storage...
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