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Management and Leadership

MGT/521 - Management
April 15, 2013

Management and Leadership
Management and Leadership are the two functional areas of business that interest me and bring me back to school to earn my MBA today. These two functional areas of business interest me because I have the experience and the knowledge it takes to be manager and leader at my current employer. I am here to enhance my knowledge and learn new styles of management that can benefit my future, make me a stronger manager, and a leader at my current job location. My role in management would be the practice of coordinating, planning, and overlooking the work performed by the employees at your organization. There are goals that are set at an organization and management is there to provide the support and leadership to see that the goals are met by the employees. Management is trained to ensure the business success through efficiency, effectiveness, and follow through the use of their employees and the facilities provided. In the past I have found managing can be as simple as breaking the task down into smaller tasks portions and perfecting the smaller tasks and later combining all the tasks together to accomplish your goals. There have been many successful applications of behavioral decision theory in management. In large part, the successes reflect Ben Franklin’s original insight into problem decomposition: Decision making is almost always improved by breaking a problem into parts, working on the parts separately, and then combining them to make a final decision. A major concern in management has been to understand and improve decision making. Psychologists have proposed various approaches, most based on a “divide-and-conquer” strategy. The idea is not new; Benjamin Franklin in a “Letter to Joseph Priestly” (1956) described such a decomposition strategy (Franklin, B. (1956)).” My role as a leader would be how to inspire and motivate my employees. Leadership requires a manager...

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