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Responsibilities of a team leader

Four responsibilities of a team leader in our organization:

1. Food alert files (Health and Safety, Food and Safety). First of all, to make sure that all work environment is safe for employees and customers. Second, to check if all departments are providing good Food alert standards set by government at work place. As well, to make sure that all legally required documents would be up to date. 2. Communication. All team leaders constantly need to be in good communicational skills, if you want to run successful business. Everyday you have to communicate with Head office as well as other restaurants, to know what’s happening in all company, using phones or e-mails. And don’t forget to pass important news for team members. Inside the house, usually, Managers team is communicating though the LogBook, and with team members during briefing times before sifts. 3. Motivation is the driving force, which help courses us to achieve goals. Leaders using motivation will satisfy individual needs and team will have inspiration to complete the tasks. It’s very important point in running business. Depending on how motivated teams are, it may further determine the effort they put into their work and therefore increase the standard of the output. 4. Presenting good example and standards or the company.

Team Leader always needs to be as example how to act at work, and that other team members would be able to take some experience. If everyone will represent good company standards and will look after the customers well, they will not only think well of the team but also of the company in general.

Two examples of the problems you would need to refer to someone with more authority:

1. Racism. It is illegal to discriminate against anyone of the grounds of their race. If it would happen in work place, management team needs to investigate. Just GM or Head office member has authority to take action on such a...
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