Leadership and Team

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Leadership and Team
Module 7ED015 University of Wolverhampton

Participant name: Deborah Elaine Howarth

UoW Student Number: 1126183

Learning Community: Bradford

Serco Tutor: Michael Gasper

| | | |
|Submission dates: |9th Jan 2012 |16th Jan 2012 |
| |St Helens |Sussex |
| |Reading |Taunton |
| |York |Bradford |

Please submit ONE hard copy to UoW, ONE hard copy to Serco and upload an e-copy to WOLF – all by your deadline date.

Contents Page

Part 1 Learning Contract 3-4

Part 2 Self Evaluation 5-10

Part 3 Research Project 11-18 Conclusion 19-20 Bibliography 21-22

Appendix A 23 Introductory Letter to research

Appendix B 24 Belbin’s Questionnaire and Team Role Results.

Appendix C 25 The Process of Transition Task-Group Feedback

Appendix D 26-27

Leadership Based Focus Group Questions

Appendix E 28 Discussions from Focus Group and analysed summary areas. Appendix F 29 Process Review on Focus Group

Part 1: Learning Contract 491 words

I am an Assistant Manager managing three children’s centres. My aim is to be a Leader that can lead a new team through a service restructure.

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