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Topics: Leadership, Management, Skill Pages: 3 (950 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What makes a good team leader – P3
In this task I am going to talk you about what makes a good leader. This is because in order to succeed every team must have a good team leader. Each leader might have a different way of working depending on the type of job they have. A team leader is a role that is needed in any team for it to become successful and meet its main aims and objectives, this is because they are very reliable, confident and provide the team with knowledge and delegate effectively. Some team leaders are elected due to the number of qualifications and skills they have, however some people are naturally born leaders which means they automatically lead from the front and show examples to other team members. There are many types of leaders a team could have such as autocratic leader, democratic leader, participative leader and a laissez-faire leader. An autocratic leader is a person who has full control over a project and takes little advice from other team members. They often make decisions based on their own initiative and hardly accept anything others have to say. The leader also dictates how the team will be run and also the work methods and processes they should use. A benefit of having this kind of leader is that if a team is set a project that needs to be completed quickly then the leader will act on its own instinct causing the project to be completed quicker as there will not be time wasted on discussions. This type of leader is needed in teams that contain not many confident and enthusiastic people as they would be able to help them complete tasks. However there are some downsides to having a leader like this as they may come across as very bossy, controlling and rude which could all lead to conflict with the team members. Another downside is that because autocratic leaders make decisions by themselves, other team members may be left feeling useless which might cause more problems. An example of this style of leadership is a manager of a store...
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