Teaching Pronunciation

Topics: Phonetics, English language, International Phonetic Alphabet Pages: 2 (632 words) Published: February 10, 2013
How to Teach EFL Pronunciation Successfully
Winda Syafitri

Is it possible teaching English without teaching pronunciation? The “NO” answer is usually attached, yet it is common knowledge which is mostly ignored not only by the learners but also by the teacher. Considering sounds play an important role in communication, foreign language teacher is supposed to give proper attention to this. To teach English as Foreign Language pronunciation successfully, good strategies are needed applying in the classroom. Since pronunciation is the first and the most things noticed by listener when speaking, it is very important to teach it in EFL class which needs knowledge of phonetics and phonology to understand the learners’ difficulties with pronunciation. Phonetics in the study of sounds the sounds of human language (O’Grady & Donrovolsky: 1992). Phonetics transcription, especially International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), may be introduced to the learners to help them understand the sounds and practice them through the symbols. In addition, the sound producing system describing how sound is produced helps the teacher to explain how to pronounce the sound correctly. In phonetics, tone, intonation, length, and stress are also introduced which occupy certain meaning. Phonology is the component of a grammar made up of the elements and principles that determine how sound pattern in a language (O’Grady & Donrovolsky: 1992). Phonology is concerned with the organs of speech and how somebody learns to use them. It also considers social attitudes to features of sound such as accent. Thus, knowledge of phonology and phonetics is helpful for the teacher to teach pronunciation correctly. Besides knowledge, a teacher is supposed to use the appropriate strategy to teach pronunciation successfully. Nashruddin (2013) proposes to use drilling to teach pronunciation in the classroom. After demonstrating, the teacher asks the learners to drill their pronunciation. Benefit of using...
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