General Phonetics

Topics: Phonetics, Phonology, International Phonetic Alphabet Pages: 4 (1166 words) Published: December 3, 2011
1Phonetics as branch of linguistics .The word phonetics is derived from the Greek word phone such means sound and is used in two different meanings: a. to some authors usually non phoneticians phonetics is that part of grammar which deals with special sounds. b. To phoneticians however phonetics is an independent branch of linguistics which is concerned with the phonetic structure of language. On the one hand phonetics is quite independent and develops according to its own laws. Today the sphere of phonetics is wilder and deeper than ever before phonemes and their distribution in words their nutrial adaptation sprees syllable intonation the relation between oral and written speech and number of other problems have now become objects of phonetics investigation, on the other hand phonetics is closely connected with a number of other sciences such as physics …or rather acoustics, biology, physiology and others. Phonetics is an essential part of language a definite form. The vocabulary and grammar of a language can function only when the language has phonetic form. 2 Branches of phonetics. Phonetics is an independent branch of linguistics that has in its turn developed branches of its own. The most important of these are special phonetics and general phonetics. Special phonetics may be subdivided into describing phonetics and is historical phonetics. Special phonetics is concerned with subsection 1 with the study of the phonetic structure of one language only in its static form at particular period synchronically which is describtic phonetics which is describtic phonetics. Subsection with the study of phonetic structure of a language in its historical developments the diachronically which is historical phonetics. General phonetics is based on the extensive material which the special phonetics of a great number of languages provides. It is also based on other sciences such as physics, psychology etc. as a result of the...
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