Teaching and Entertaining Pre-School Children

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Teaching and Entertaining Pre-school Children
Assignment One: 1.1 Describe the 10 principal factors which affect children’s growth and development.

There are many factors which affect the growth and development of children. Some of these factors may only be temporary whereas many may be more permanent. Although the range is huge, from something as small as a common cold to a more serious illness such as cystic fibrosis, every one of them could, and in some instances have serious implications affecting a child’s growth and development. The ten factors being described are as follows: * Antenatal

* Prenatal
* Postnatal
* Health Problems
* Learning Difficulties
* Lack of stimulation and appropriate toys
* Accidents
* Environment
* Separation or divorce of parents
* Loss or Bereavement
A description of each is below:-
As this is the period of conception there are many factors even at this very early stage in a child’s life that can affect growth and development. Things such as diet, alcohol intake, smoking, medication, generally fitness and well being are strong arguments to deter any potential mother who wishes to start a family. An example of a well known fact that many infants born to smoking mothers weigh less at birth than infants born to non-smoking mothers. All of these factors should be taken extremely seriously and will contribute to the growth and development of the child while in the women’s womb.

Prenatal and Postnatal
This is the stage when a new born is about to make an appearance into the world. A child born between 24 and 37 weeks or even earlier, is classed as premature. This may affect the child by being under developed, depending on how premature they are. Although it is proven that some unfortunate premature babies remain underdeveloped many have proved that being premature has had very little, if any side effects and have grow up to be normal healthy individuals . Unfortunate babies who are premature are rather more likely to have a low birth weight and may end up in development delays. Some of the other problems that may arise are feeding difficulties, being at high risk of infection and breathing difficulties. During the birthing process one of the main concerns which affect a child is the lack of oxygen. Newborns who have been deprived of oxygen at birth can suffer from an extensive variety of problems such as severe learning difficulties later on. It can also cause something a lot more serious such as Cerebral Palsy which is a form of brain damage. A mother suffering from postnatal depression and the seriousness of the condition could have a significant impact on a child's early development through its effect on the quality of the parent-child relationship. A very serious mother suffering from post natal depression could have a negative impact leading to the child being removed for its own safety. Health Problems:

As a teacher, child-minder or anyone with the responsibility of looking after children all should have the sufficient knowledge to be able to establish if a child in their care are suffering from any health problems and should always be alert to any developments of any illnesses. All information on a child's health must be provided by parents at the start and medical records should be always available and up to date with the schools nurse or child-minder. Children with serious health problems should have qualified specialist help and care with as little disruption to the child’s normal routine. Environment:

The way a child develops has a lot to do with the environment they grow up in. This may affect the growth and development in many ways. A lack of money in a family household resulting in poor housing, insufficient heating and lack of a good wholesome diet is very likely to affect a child’s health. The home environment is extremely important and lack of money has nothing to do with a child being brought up in a stable...
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