CYP 3.1

Topics: Disability, Wheelchair, Developmental psychology, Educational psychology / Pages: 4 (1238 words) / Published: May 14th, 2015
As a child grows and develops there are a number of different factors that will affect them and how they grow. This includes not just physical growth but emotional and psychological growth as well.
Some examples of these are:
Health: If a child has poor health or has a disability then this may impact on their development as they may not have the benefit of participating in the range of activities of a physically able child or one in good health. This affects a child not only with their strength and confidence in their physical abilities, but in the social interactions that this would normally present and the learning that takes place as a result of this.

Learning Difficulties and physical disabled: A child that has learning difficulties should not be excluded from any opportunities for physical and mental growth. They should be encouraged and helped with as many development opportunities as their needs allow. This also applies to children that have sensory impairment and a physical disability. One would need to plan and look at how to manage their needs so all their needs would be met. If a physically disabled child or a child with learning difficulties was not encouraged to move and play as much as possible, they may reduce the physical strength in the parts of their body that are able, therefore regressing their physical development. They may then miss opportunities to develop strength in ways previously thought to be out of their capabilities; Suffer emotionally from not be able to join in and the social interactions with their peers that this presents. This will lead to lack of motivation in participating and achieving. This will affect their cognitive development because they will not pay attention and they will have little sense of self-worth and feel rejected as they feel they are being segregated from the group.

There are a number of different ways or interventions designed to prevent or reduce the impact of a child’s disablement or

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