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Early learning and childcare
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Abigail wignall sh40856/NCC assignment 1 pg1 Task1.1

From birth to adulthood children continually grow develop and learn,if children do not develop propely they may be unable to reach their full potential.All young people follow a similar pattern of develpoment,however each child is diffrent and may develop at a diffrent rate.There are three areas of development, physical, intellectual,social and emotional.heres is a guide of how they develop for the following age ranges "taken from study book early learning and childcare".

0-3yrs physical development by6months a child will:
· turn their head towars sounds and movement
· watch an adults face while feeding
· smile
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socialy and emotionaly they should have become more independant and self motivated feeling more secure and able cope with unfamilar faces and surroundings for small periods of time.

By 4-5years grammar becomes more accurate and their questions become more complex communicating better, able understand books as a source of fun and begin to recoginze wn name and written words theve seen on few occasions, be able form some lettering and begin copying shapes.

At age 5-7years they should be handling books well and understand text has meaning, be able make up stories and regonize an increasing number of letters linking them to sound.

development at age 7-12 years should be thye child being able to run,hop skip,climb,swing confidently, and start enjoying team games and may misjudge their own abilty before age

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