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Teacher Talk

By tomodaji Jan 08, 2013 374 Words
Assignment 3.

Assignment Topic
Compare and contrast the expressions that could be used for teaching groups and individuals. Use your own examples and expressions to support your writing.

Assignment Overview
In spite of numerous classroom English expressions that could be used in class, teachers are limited to using them when working with different groups. Often times, teachers have to conduct activities with groups and individuals separately. Your task is to write one to two pages of writing explaining the similarities and differences between the expressions that could be used for teaching groups and individuals. You may use your own examples and expressions to support your writing.

Assignment Rubric:
|Category |4 |3 |2 |1 | |Purpose & |The paper compares and contrasts |The paper compares and contrasts |The paper compares and contrasts |The paper compares or | |Supporting Details |items clearly. The paper points to|items clearly, but the supporting |items clearly, but the supporting |contrasts, but does not | | |specific examples to illustrate |information is general. |information is incomplete. |include both. There is no | | |the comparison. | | |supporting information or | | | | | |support is incomplete. | |Organization & |The paper breaks the information |The paper breaks the information into|The paper breaks the information |Many details are not in a | |Structure |into whole-to-whole, similarities |whole-to-whole, similarities |into whole-to-whole, similarities |logical or expected order. | | |-to-differences, or point-by-point|-to-differences, or point-by-point |-to-differences, or point-by-point|There is little sense that | | |structure. It follows a consistent|structure but does not follow a |structure, but some information is|the writing is organized. | | |order when discussing the |consistent order when discussing the |in the wrong section. Some details| | | |comparison. |comparison. |are not in a logical or expected | | | | | |order, and this distracts the | | | | | |reader. | | |Transitions |The paper moves smoothly from one |The paper moves from one idea to the |Some transitions work well; but |The transitions between ideas| | |idea to the next. The paper uses |next, but there is little variety. |connections between other ideas |are unclear or nonexistent. | | |comparison and contrast transition|The paper uses comparison and |are fuzzy. | | | |words to show relationships |contrast transition words to show | | | | |between ideas. The paper uses a |relationships between ideas. | | | | |variety of sentence structures and| | | | | |transitions. | | | |

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