M1 - Unit 1 Developing Effective Communication in Health and Social Care

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Task 2 (M1)
My placement was a physical theatre school for young children. In my placement I have observed a 1-1 interaction and a group interaction. The communication that took place was between a teacher and young student. The group interaction was between two teachers and a group of young students.
The context of the group interaction was an informal conversation between two teachers and young students. The interaction seemed informal because of the joking and laughter that occurred, also because the interaction was with children, so you couldn’t be professional and formal; to keep children interested the teachers have to make the activities seem fun. The communication to the group was effective because there were clear instructions which the children listened to and understood, then carried out. The context of the 1-1 interaction was between a teacher and a young student. The communication between them was informal, the teacher had to explain something to the child, her tone of voice and the language used was very comforting and she was patient waiting for the child to respond. The communication was effective because after the teacher explained in more detail what the task was, the child understood. The types of interpersonal communication for both the 1-1 and group interactions were speech. For the group interaction the teachers had to do a physical example of a dance move in between the interaction in order for the students to understand. For the 1-1 interaction the interpersonal interaction was speech too, the child had to use speech to explain what she didn’t understand and the teacher has to explain though speech back to her so she understood.
The children’s language needs and preferences were just simply for the teachers to speak clear and understandable English. A teacher needs to ensure that when speaking to children that you need to use simple, understandable words in order for the children to understand and not to feel confused. All of the

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