TDA 2.2

Topics: First aid, Childhood, The Child Pages: 4 (1624 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Describe the policies that you would take if you noticed that a child was ill in your setting. All staff within the nursery need to be aware of different signs and symptoms when dealing with illnesses within children. When children are ill then may become upset or restless and therefore would need to be shown care and comfort just by sitting with them and talking to them to keep them occupied or even give them a comforting toy to make them feel less distressed until a senior member of staff decides on what to do in this situation. A senior member of staff or the manager would be informed of every illness and incident. Every case with an ill or injured child will need to be recorded in full detail which would include; The name of the child

The time and date of the illness
What the illness or injury was
Any treatment given
The names of the members of staff involved and reported to
A signature of who witnessed the illness or injury
This would be done so that the parents of the child can be fully knowledgeable about the incident and so they can be aware in case the child becomes worse. At our setting we require the parents to sign the recorded form to show that they knew and understood what had happened. If the child is seriously ill or injured then the parent would be contacted immediately and this would be decided by a senior member of staff however, if the child needed urgent treatment or needed to be taken in an ambulance to the hospital then the parents would need to give full permission first. At our setting we do have some children who need to be given certain medication in particular circumstances such as children with asthma and children with allergies who may need a potentially lifesaving injection. These medications would be prescribed by a doctor then the parents would give written consent for the staff at our setting to give the children the recommended medication. For every child a form would include their name, birth date, what type of...
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