Systems Development Life Cycle

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Systems Development Life Cycle
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There are seven phases of the system development life cycle. This system is also known as “the waterfall model”.
The first phase of the system development life cycle is planning. During the planning phase, an outline is developed along with a budget, and schedule. A feasible analysis is conducted that consists of technical, operational, schedule, cost, and solve problem and revenue. Once senior management determines to proceed, phase two begins.

Phase two consists of the systems analysis phase. A system analyst is hired to determine and understand the company’s business demand. The system analyst details gaps and solutions and proposes a solution to the business. At this point phase one may be revisited to cover any questions or issues regarding budget and or schedule. Phase three is ready to begin.

Phase three consists of systems design. Logical systems design is crucial and is used as the blueprint of the project. Physical systems design is the meat and potatoes of this phase since it describes the actual components and technical experts are needed to define.

Phase four is defined as the development phase. This phase is where programming takes place if a business has decided to build their own system.Phase five is where testing takes place to ensure its functionality. This phase should not be confused with implementation because it’s only purpose is to confirm modules written are operating properly.

Phase six is the implementation phase. This phase is where the transition takes place from the old system to the new system. May cause frustration on employees resistant to change.
The seventh phase is the final phase of the project. The seventh phase is the maintenance phase. Maintenance consists of correcting errors, backing up and recovering data, end user support, and system enhancement. References:...

References: Malaga, R.A. (2005). Information Systems Technology. Pearson Education
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