Syrian invasion

Topics: Iraq, Iraq War, United States Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Why the West shouldn’t invade Syria
Thousands of people have been killed in the Syrian uprising and the number is rising quickly. You can find massacres, food shortage and blockade throughout the entire country. Many of the opposition force are waiting hopelessly for the international organisation to destroy Assad’s regime. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen anytime sooner. There are many reasons why the west must not intervene militarily in Syria. First, what does the NATO involvement look like? Is it about helping Syrian to destroy their evil government and restore human rights, or are we talking all about regime change? Second, if Assad’s regime is collapsed, who will run the government without the help from NATO forces? Will the new Syria succeed without becoming the second Iraq? Also, the Syrian business sector, media, education, social development and law enforcements are controlled by the Assad. What will happen to those vital national infrastructures if Assad collapsed? In other words, who will repair those infrastructures in this tough economic time period? Third, what will Russia and China react to this event? We all know that Russia and China are allies with Syria. By destroying Assad’s regime, are we sending a strong message to Russia and China that we are ready to start a war with you? Additionally, Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq will come up with a new strategic plan and alliance with terrorists in Syria to strike NATO forces from the back while they are busily helping opposition force to destroy their government. Fourth, invading Syria will set a new precedent, just like the domino effect. As we can see from the unrest in Tibet, will Chinese protesters take up the streets in Beijing and unleash another 1989 Tiananmen massacre? If that happens, will NATO consider another military strike over China? In another word, did anyone think about the consequences like the possible massacre in other countries and something similar because they...
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