Syrian Genocide

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Country: Syria

1. Previous History of Systemic Acts of Violence

The Syrian breakdown began in 2011 when Syrian President Bashar el-Assad began a brutal crackdown because of the peaceful protestors of the country. The attacks escalated when a civil war broke out between the Assad Regime with allied militias and opposition groups against the protesters because a group of kids under the age of 15 sprayed a wall with graffiti, demeaning the Assad Regime, which was considered a crime against the government.

2. Persistence of articulated tensions of grievances between groups

There were 2 society groups within Syria. There was a group of protesters who spread their protests throughout the country with the use of tanks, helicopters and artilleries, and a group from the Assad Regime, which ran under the control of Syrian President Bashar el-Assad. It ran within the government, associated with allied militias. The protestors believed the government was wrong to torture young children for expressing their thoughts through graffiti.

3. Lack of Institutional conflict-resolution structures

There were 2 courts within Syria. The SSSC (Supreme State Security Court) and the ESC (Economic State Court). Violence began escalating between security forces and anti-government protesters. 15 were presumed dead on March 24. On 21 April, 2011, President el-Assad abolished the SSSC and issued a decree stating peaceful protests as a basic human right, which was now guaranteed by the Syrian Constitution.

4. Closed Society

Throughout the Syrian Crisis both, the UN and the United States attempted to aid the people of Syria. The UN have helped take in refugees that have fled the country, and have also condemned the violence against civilians. The UN has not come up with a solution for the madness occurring in Syria. The United States waits for aid with limited missile attack.

5. Extreme/Ruthless Leadership Bashar al-Assad had no interest to enter

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