Topics: Syria, Democracy, Government Pages: 2 (400 words) Published: April 14, 2014
Jeffrey Garber
1.Explain a factor in the Syrian crisis from each level of analysis. There are four main levels of analysis Global, Interstate, Domestic, and Individual. A factor at the domestic level would be the Syrian crisis as a whole. There is a civil war going on in Syria between people with different political beliefs. The conflict is between those loyal to the government and those seeking oust it. Looking from a global level of analysis Syria has many terrorist groups that could break out and endanger Syria and the rest of the globe. Looking at Syria from an interstate level of analysis Syria boundaries are connected Lebanon Israel, Iraq, and Jordan. These are all Arabic stated but they all speak different languages and have a many different religious beliefs. Because of all these small countries are clustered on top of each other and none get along because off all the difference they have weather it religious or fighting for the rights of land that they once owned could lead to interstate wars like it already has. Looking from an Individual level of analysis power hungry and crazy leader Bashar al –Assad was ruthless towars the people of Syria not providing them with enough food or water to survive, leaving them with nothing, Syrians to try to attempt to overthrow him.

2. What did you think about the rebels' views on the intervention of foreign powers in the conflict? What are the pros and cons of your position? .
The rebels believe that foreign powers in particular those in the west should be doing more to help them. Many people in Syria who are fighting against the government stated that they are for democracy but the United Stated cannot get involved because of resistance from the state. The pros of my position if other democratic states got involved and helped Syria it could be possible that is would become a democratic state.

3. What issues does the Syrian crisis raise regarding sovereignty? Explain.

The Syrian crisis raises awareness...
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