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Topics: United States, Gulf War, President of the United States Pages: 1 (368 words) Published: October 26, 2014

Doug Steffen
Government Period 4
September 25, 2014
Should the United States be the World’s Policeman?
Since George H.W. Bush (41) took office in 1989, the United States has intervened in several high-risk situations such as the Gulf War, military deployment in Iraq, and the ongoing War in Afghanistan resulting in thousands of deaths of American soldiers. This is not okay because these soldiers are sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters, of fellow American citizens. Although the President can involve the United States’ military in any situation with the permission of Congress, he should not so if the opposition is a threat. The United States should not be the world’s policeman because foreign affairs require a substantial amount of resources that the U.S. should not let go; more so the United States should focus resources to being a global caregiver. Although the actions of Syrian President Bashir al-Assad can be considered unjust and inhumane by many because of his governmental censorship, the United States should not be involved because the crisis in Syria has been on-going, and it is possible that continued intervention by the U.S. will lead to a full fledged war, especially with the United States potentially angering neighbor of Syria, Russia. The United States military force was deployed in Syria in early 2013, and since then nearly 190,000 people have died, 20,000 being in the United States military. In 2001, President George Bush (43) involved the United States in one of the longest combat fights in U.S. Millions of dollars of the U.S. budget, in which there is little or no room for, have been funded to send force to Afghanistan. The US should not be policing Afghanistan because it is up to the Afghans to decide how the government should be ran The United States’ resources, time, effort, money and strategic involvement with allies should be of upmost important because currently the United States is heavily in debt. As of September 25, (2014) over...
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