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Syntax – Transformational Grammar (the Chomskyan Approach to Grammar) and

By dawni9 Jan 15, 2012 257 Words
Why Do We Study Syntax and What Is It Good for?
lHumanistic motivations
lBehavioural motivations
lAs an aid to illustrating the patterns of English
lAs an aid in the systematic and explicit analysis of the structure of English sentences.

e.g. *The recent strike by pilots have cost the country a great deal of money from tourism and so on.

e.g. He said that that ‘that’ that that man used was wrong.

Understanding of syntax, transformation grammar (TG) and systemic functional grammar (SFG) will be beneficial in clarifying how each word is categorized, and the contribution that it makes in a sentence.

Objectives of the research
lLooking at simple types of moods à considering: “in which components and with what type of descriptive apparatus should this complexity be handled.” lLooking for any contrast at the level of form à considering: “Is this contrast also a contrast at the level of meaning” (Miller, 2008)

Literature Review
lSFG does not use ‘re-write’ regulations to create the primary structure. lNo transformational rules to modify the present structures. l“The grammar merely stores up the choices of semantic aspects that are made for every semantic unit, and then generates the appropriate syntactic unit” (Hornstein, 2009)

lThe main difference between theories used in TG and SFG is that the SFG supports and demands a reference that is technologically more advanced than the TG.. lSFG theory is multidimensional in terms of rank, delicacy, metafunction, axis and instantiation. (Radford, 2004)

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