Getting Close to the Machine

Topics: Human, Thought, Computer program Pages: 3 (821 words) Published: April 2, 2013

The following student essay is based on a reading from the December 1999 exam: an essay: “Getting Close to the Machine” by Ellen Ullman.

Why do we have computers? Computers are invented in order to facilitate the satisfaction of our needs. We want to satisfy our needs daily and computers are composed of our thoughts and of how we would realize the action performed by the computer. In Ellen Ullman’s “Getting Close to the Machine”, the effects and compositions of a programmed computer is clearly illustrated through many examples. They one by one demonstrate how computers are a reproduction of the human mind and how they will have effect to separate each human from reality of life, where there is complications and confusions.

Ellen illustrates many example that take meaning of how we are trying to reproduce the minds of humans in order to satisfy there scare needs. He begins by telling the reader that computer programming is logical which at once does not correspond to how humans are. A human mind is not logical, it is the complete opposite, it is confused and analyzes situations in many different ways so a program cannot be like a mind. The author also shows how once again computers cannot be a human reproduction because of feelings. He uses the example about how the girl was dreaming about how she could program a computer to make two people in love. Ellen tells us that when one is using the programs, he should not lose his focus and wholly devote himself to the computer. “What you are actually doing is programming your mind and your thoughts which are those of many others because there is no other way that you could program a computer”. We are all alike in many ways and we desire the same things so with the use of computers, we can satisfy these desires.

Then she tells us how computers will affect the lives of every human being on earth. He shows this through the description of how the computers are programmed. The engineers do...

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