Sun and High Sunlit Clouds

Topics: Sun, UCI race classifications, Weather Pages: 2 (335 words) Published: August 17, 2013
1. Describing Weather
2.1 Rain/Wind/Thunder/Night
1. It was a cold grey afternoon with a dull sky threatening rain. 2. Thunder came marching from far away with increasing speed. 3. Lightning and thunder raged with fury.
4. Thunder roared and lightning flashed across the sky.
5. Rain pelted down heavily from the sky.
6. The rain was pounding down from the black sky.
7. Dark clouds loomed above (rain clouds covered the sky). 8. Night falls and the temperature dipped to a comfortable cool. 9. The evening sky was overcast in a mixture of purple and red clouds. 10. Thunder rumbled softly.

11. Merciless rain started pouring down in torrents.
2.2 Sun/Sky/Cloud/Morning
1. The sun filtered through the clouds, signaling the end of the rain. 2. A golden glow spread across the sky as the sun chased the dark clouds away. 3. The high sunlit clouds drifted across a clear blue sky. 4. Dappled sun rays filtered through the canopy of leaves. 5. Sky was overcast (cloudy).

6. … looked up at the morning sky where the majestic sun reigned supreme. 7. A bright morning with the sun shining gloriously.
8. At the crack of dawn (very early in the morning).
9. Morning breeze weaved among the leaves.
10. It was 12 o’clock in the afternoon and the sun was casting its intense heat everywhere. 11. The day blossomed like a bright and lovely flower (waking up to a beautiful day). 12. Sun rays filtered through the curtains.

2. Describing Feelings
1.1 Happy
1. Happiness was written all over his face.
2. We were having a whale of time.
3. Joy filled the air
4. Everyone almost exploded with laughter.
5. We were in high spirits and the mood was set for an enjoyable day. 6. He went mad with joy.
1.2 Tired
1.3 Nervous
1.4 Fear/Scared/Shock/Panic
1.6 Sad
1.7 Embarrassed
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