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Topics: Sleep, Middle class, Jacob Riis Pages: 4 (1380 words) Published: December 4, 2013
Photo Analysis: Section 2

1. Jacob Riis is the photographer of this photo.
2. There are three children in the photo.
3. The children look young and of the lower middle class.
4. They may be minors trying to help out the family, trying to bring in every dollar possible. Also, the may be children/siblings of factory workers or friends with other workers. 5. Clearly, the kids are sleeping maybe from a long night of work since it is still day time. 6. The children appear to be asleep on top of a storm drain near a house or tenement; it is noticeable by the window and gutter. It most likely is a tenement due to workers live closely to factories. The tenements most likely were too crowded for the children to sleep inside them, so they sleep outside in the cold. 7. This photo is definitely spontaneous due to it is really hard to get kids to look natural and that uncomfortable while sleeping. 8. To show how tired children become after work. Also, to show the poor conditions of the children. For example, no bed or shoes. 9. He’s trying to show how children had to suffer from the poor conditions of this era. 10. People would have been appalled in reason to the children are sleeping on concrete, with no shoes, and do not look very warm. 11. I think Jacob Riis was trying to prove a point; children should not be working. Also, mainly to show how children sleep on concrete instead of soft beds. Children are generally seen as the helpless, they had no causes of them sleeping on the street, and they were born into the poor lifestyle. So they should not be the ones to suffer.

1. The photographer is Jacob Riis.
2. There are three people in this photo.
3. The children look like they are also among the lower middle class. Two of the children on the right hand side appear to be sad while the kid on the left is appearing to smile. 4. They might be children of immigrants or immigrants themselves. 5. Along with the first photo, the three kids are sleeping as...
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