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Why is the Sky Blue? Did you know that the sky wasn’t always blue? The story goes thousands of years back. It all went like this… It was just another day in Aika village. The sky was gray and dim(Put it here or remove it from myth). There weren’t a lot of people walking around town, and the only sounds heard were the soft autumn wind and rustling leaves. One girl, named Ai, was sitting alone on a knoll. Every day she hoped for a change in the village, as everything was always dark and gloomy...

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A Gap of sky

A Gap of Sky A) Youth. It is a time, a state in life in which a person, who is not a child but still not an adult yet, is forced through many changes, physically as well as mentally. Age and responsibility are growing proportionally as well as the expectations from parents, school, friends and more. Youth is often characterized by independence, desire and by a struggle of individuality. Youth is like millions of traffic lights, switching colors in high speed and forcing you to hit the brake at...

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This Side of The Sky

Heaven has turned out to be This side of the sky There’s another way of thinking I believe in love I believe life should be lived before it’s over On this golden summer evening River flowing by Maybe heavens always been This side of the sky Never seen a place so peaceful Like a fairy-tale With no sign of any dragons in the forest I’m not used to being happy Makes me want to cry Never knew all this was waiting this side of the sky There’s another way of living I believe in...

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A Gap of Sky: Summary

A Gap of Sky Sometimes you forget what the essence of life is and what’s important to you. When you forget these things you easily get on the wrong track: you forget the persons that are close to you and you become oblivious to life and its goods. In the short story, A Gap of Sky, we are introduced to the protagonist of the story, the nineteen- year-old Ellie, who after a rough night with booze and drugs wakes up at 4.30 pm in her messy flat in London, to the tough realities of Monday. She remembers...

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Blue Sky, Red Sunset, White Clouds

Blue Sky, Red Sunset, White Clouds Table of Contents I – Blue Sky, Red Sunset, White Clouds 1.1 Why do we have Blue Sky? 1.2 Why is the Sunset Red? 1.3 Why is Clouds White? II – Conclusion III - References SUMMARY Not all colors are the result of subtraction and addition of light. Some colors like the blue sky result from the selective scattering of the colors of light by particles in the atmosphere. The color scattered by the particles depends on...

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A Blizzard Under Blue Sky - 1

interest in the outdoors forms the core of the stories in Cowboys Are My Weakness (1992), stories that have been described as "exhilarating, like a swift ride through river rapids," as well as "beautifully written and funny." In "A Blizzard Under Blue Sky," the exhilaration comes from sharing a winter adventure in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, while the beauty of the writing is exemplified by this magical description of snow: "[it] stopped being simply white and became translucent, hinting at...

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Significance of the Sky in Chumash Native American Religion and Culture

baskets, and painted elaborate cave and rock artwork. They were also known for their knowledge of astronomy and their cosmology. Celestial objects greatly influenced the culture and religion of the Chumash people. As in many early civilizations, the sky was a thing of wonder and awe. The early Chumash looked to the heavens for answers, thus basing a religion off the celestial bodies. These people practiced rituals and prayed to these objects, hoping for good health, bountiful harvest, and continued...

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Characterization in Pam Houston’s “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky”

Characterization in Pam Houston’s “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky” Houston’s “A Blizzard Under Blue Sky” explores and exhibits the idea of psycho-physical experience of being in the natural world to heal one’s psychological and emotional ailments through its invigorating contact. The narrative, by drawing on the theme of depression, relates how the narrator, seeing “everything in [her] life…uncertain” (Houston 185), goes winter-camping alone in the high country; undergoes a chilling near-death experience;...

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Tata Sky

Conduct a critical analysis of the case "Tata Sky" and prepare a written analysis of the case which addresses the following issues to examine the growth strategies of Tata Sky over the years. Tata Sky is the second DTH operator to enter the Indian DTH market after DD Direct Plus and was launched in August 2006. It is a joint venture between Tata Group that owns 80% and STAR Group that owns a 20% stake. Through its DTH service, the company offered more than 170 channels on entertainment sports,...

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Open Skies

Open Wings to Open Skies “Open Skies agreements have vastly expanded international passenger and cargo flights to and from the United States, promoting increased travel and trade, enhancing productivity, and spurring high-quality job opportunities and economic growth” (http://www.state.gov). This statement is a manifestation of how Open Sky Policy affects a country’s economy and its nation, as well. From the previous statement...

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