October Sky

Topics: October Sky, Homer Hickam, Coalwood, West Virginia Pages: 2 (548 words) Published: August 14, 2013
October Sky

Homer Hickam


Homer Hickam
John Hickam
Miss Riley
Quentin Wilson
Warner Von Braun

Coalwood, in West Virginia

The most important part was when Homer Hickam finally achieved to launch his rocket sky high.

Homer Hickam had problems with launching rockets at first because the rockets didn’t have the chemicals needed so the rockets can’t fly so far from he launches them.

Homer Hickam had to use other chemicals instead of the one he was using and needed to build new parts for the rockets. He changed the fuel and try to launch the rocket. The rocket with the new fuel flies correctly.

The story starts at Coalwood in West Virginia hearing a transmission about the satellite called Sputnik 1, invented by Warner Von Braun a scientist in the United States of America. Homer Hickman is a kid in high school with a dream to go to college. The townspeople in Coalwood gather around to see the Sputnik 1. After waiting, suddenly a man yells “I see it” the Sputnik was flying like a star. From that moment Homer though that he could do the same thing as Warner Von Braun did. The next day Homer tolled his dad what he saw. John Hickman, Homer’s dad said that was just a trick. Homer’s smile went down and left for school. In school there’s a nerd called Quentin Wilson. Homer wants to learn more about rockets so he teams up with Quentin. They started making the rocket with metal and other materials. They make the fuel of the rocket in science class and they make it liquid. In the class the teacher Miss. Riley has fate that Homer and his friends will be able to make the rocket fly. Miss. Riley gave a book about rockets in space. Homer gets home and starts inventing with the rocket and finding new ways to lunch it. Homer enters the science fair and shows the rocket he performed. In this science fair Homer gets rob. Homer calls his mother to explain what happen in the science...
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