Summary: the Rational Life-Aristotle

Topics: Virtue, Ethics, Happiness Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: November 4, 2008
Summary: The Rational Life-Aristotle

Everything done is meant to be for only good reasons. Everything we do is to cause a better outcome for another purpose which leads to pleasure for something else. There must be some end. There is an ultimate point to life. Living well and doing well are both linked to happiness although the definition of happiness is different to many people. The unwise people think that happiness is plain and simple things like pleasure, wealth, and honor. Some people identify happiness as becoming healthy when they’re ill or getting money when they’re poor. There are three types of life; life of enjoyment, political life, and contemplative life. People look to be honored which is superficial because honor should be given to you by others, not by yourself. You only get honored by dealing with some sort of suffering or misfortune which causes you to do well. People who are considered “good” are always good at different things. People are good at the functions they perform. People do things based on the happiness it will bring them. One who lives a solitary life has self-sufficiency. Happiness is final. The end of living judges the happiness of your entire life. It takes an entire lifetime for a man to be blessed and happy. Virtue is split into two categories: moral and intellectual. Moral virtues make someone ethical. Intellectual virtues make someone smart. You have to learn intellect. Moral virtues are habitual. We have these virtues always but they only become evident when practiced and when they eventually become something we do without even thinking about it, i.e. a habit. Even when practiced, people can still be bad at something. You can destroy your virtues. By forming good habits at a very young age, you will be a more virtuous person. It’s also important to always be brave. Where there is pleasure, there’s always pain. We measure our actions by the amount of pleasure or pain they will cause. Virtuous acts are only...
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