Summary: Classroom Observation

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On June 15, 2016, I observed Mrs. Tantourri’s self contained classroom. There is one special need teacher and four paraprofessionals in the room at all times. Mrs.Tantourri has a 12:1 class with students who are diagnosed with epilepsy, autism, behavioral problems and dyslexia. These students were place is this particular setting because they are struggling in their academics and displaying behavioral concerns. Mrs. Tantourri class ranges from third to fifth all clustered into one class. Mrs. Tantourri’s self contained classroom is extremely small compared to the size of a general education class. Mrs. Tantourri has the desk set up in three groups of four tables that are placed in the center of the classroom. The students classwork, homework...

Tantourri’s self contained class at P.S. 304 promotes collaboration to ensure that all members of the setting’s community would expect and experience acceptance. Twice a week, Josiah receives occupational therapy in the class. On Tuesday’s and Thursday’s,Mrs. Nancy, the occupational therapist, would push in during Mrs. Tantourri’s writing lesson to assist Josiah with his fine motor skills. During the lesson, Mrs. Nancy would provide valuable tips to help Josiah master his skills. Receiving related services in the classroom while the special education teacher is providing instruction can be extremely beneficial to all students within the class. It provides Mrs. Tantourri with the opportunity to focus on the needs of the other students and it’s extremely helpful for the student to receive additional instructions pertaining to the lesson. Lastly, push in services would avoid the student missing an academic...

Paula’s Head Start class. Mrs. Paula has 10 students and 3 paraprofessionals. Two out of the ten students are autistic. Upon entering the classroom, there were several stations. Mrs. Paula’s classroom has a reading area with two child size couches and beanbag, a dramatic play and block area, a make believe and computer station and a art and technology center. In the front of the classroom was a schedule displaying their daily activities for the morning and afternoon, a calendar, easel, SmartBoard and alphabet rug. The theme of the classroom is fun in the sun. The classroom was filled with bright and festive colors. There are beach balls hanging from the ceiling, palm trees along the walls, ocean waves on the bulletin boards in the classroom and sand castle, shovels, buckets, and kids playing at the beach along the border of the bulletin...
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