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Process flow of EWIE Europe Limited
1. Business Group – EWIE (US)
2. Set of Books – One SOB (EWIEEU UK SOB)
3. Legal Entity – One LE (United Kingdom)
4. Operating Unit – One OU (UK Operations)
5. Inventory Org – 5 Location (BEP, DEP, SAP, RAC,

Transaction Process Flow

1. Customer Purchase Order – FORD (Custom Program)

FORD is sending this file through EDIFACT
ODEX Server converts this EDIFACT format as .CSV File

2. EWIE Sales Order (Order Management)

The above .CSV file is converted as Sales Order through EWIE Custom Program The SO will be imported with the ‘Entered Status’
India team manually Book those Orders and make it as ‘Booked Status’

3. EWIE Purchase Order (Purchasing)

India team enter the Purchase Order manually and send the same for simon approval Simon Lee will approve those orders and send the same for the Vendors

4. EWIE Receipts (Goods Received Notes) (Purchasing)

Vendor sends the Material directly to FORD Plants or EWIE UK Office Simon Lee will send us the Receipt info in the form of Excel sheet India Team enter the Receipts into the Purchasing Modules

5. EWIE Packing Slip (Ship confirm) – Order Management

Once the goods received from vendors India team does the below steps Release the Sales Order
Shipment the Sales Order
Ship Confirm
Generate Packing Slip and send the Packing Slip details to Simon Lee Team distribute the same to FORD

6. AR Invoices (Recievables)

Based on the Shipment generated above, system will perform Auto Invoices to generate the Customer Invoices in our receivables modules But we are not sending this invoices to FORD (This is for internally purpose only)

7. AP Invoices (Payables)

Based on the materials entered from step 4 (receipts) Vendor will send us the Invoices to be entered in AP

8. AP Payments (Payables)

The Vendor Payments is generated once in 15 Days in Oracle system and info Intergest to make the actual payments to the vendors directly

9. AR Ford...

References: (FORD Plant Number), List Price (Purchasing Price), Selling Price
1.2 The Item details will be the Excel Sheet
1.3 India through Custom Import Program we are importing those details into Inventory Module
2. Purchase Price & Selling Price
2.1 Simon Lee keeps updating the about the price changes so that are modifying the prices accordingly into Oracle system
3. Receipts / Shipment Details
3.1 Simon Team will send us an excel sheet on what orders to be entered receipts and shipped.
3.2 India team do those activities into Oracle and send the Packing Slip details to the UK Team
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