Successful Business Build Teamwork and Trust

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Successful Businesses Build Teamwork and Trust

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Tawanda Diaz

Dr. Alen Badal

In this literature review the author discusses why building teamwork and trust is important in the workplace, what trust is, groups versus individual, perception of team members, motivation and usage of rewards to motivate employees, and deviant behavior in the workplace. The author goes on to discusses how each concept relates to each other and gives a resolution to building teamwork and trust within a team, while taking proper precautions so that deviant behavior does not form.

Building teamwork and trust are big issues in today's business world. The absence of trust makes it very hard , if not impossible to have an effective and productive working relationship (Castro, 1994). This is why trust is very critical to a business success. Research suggests that teams have been used only for special assignment in the past. Teamwork involves trust from all levels of employment, whether it involves an employee, manager, or CEO each individual working within the organization must trust one another. Teamwork has become a critical component for a business success and survival (Becton, Wysocki, and Kepner, 2009). More now than ever, businesses have begun to realize that the success of a project is often through the development of the teams.

Building Teamwork and Trust Is Important In The Workplace
There are many reasons that highlight the importance of teamwork in the workplace. With suitable teamwork it is possible to decrease the amount of work that usually becomes one individual’s headache. Sharing the workload means there is more focus on less things and the possibility of getting an assignment done earlier than expected. Teamwork also has been known to help with reducing an individual’s stress level. It is important that every employee feel that they are apart of the group. Team building among team members can go far in increasing the productivity of a business place. Constant interaction with co-workers can also increase the loyalty to the company. One of the most important reasons to encourage teamwork in the workplace is to increase the productivity rate and decrease the time taken to complete the assigned task. Though many people may find themselves having to adjust to an environment consisting of groups of individuals their ability to adapt to the environment will improve, making them more open to teamwork. Several employees can function well by themselves; however, when asked to work as a team, it changes the way those employees function. When an individual is given the task of working with other associates, that individual is now being asked to bring together their variety of skills, talents and resources to a project with other different perspectives so that one task is completed successfully as group.

According to several research findings, teamwork has been proven to lead to better performance for organizations, enhancement of productivity in the workplace, service quality, greater satisfaction of employees with jobs, less absence, and reduced turnover rate are just a few areas notice (Chieh-Wen , Yi-Fang , and Ming-Chia, 2010). Teamwork plays a major role in an organizations success. There are many indication of teamwork in organization whether you think of it as teamwork or just being a good co-worker. For example teamwork is in affect when you know an individual is not feeling well and you pick up the slack for them (Tatum, 2009). Teamwork takes patience, positive attitudes, and willingness by each member to compromise individualism for group goals. In order for teamwork to take place a group of individuals must be joined together and given a task or goal to complete collectively.

Team building is a skill managers or entrepreneur must possess if they want to be effective. In order for an individual to be successful in building a team they must be able to build...

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