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Developing and maintaining trust at work
Trust is difficult to describe, but we know when it is or is not present in a company, the key to trust is any healthy relationship and is the basis of the workplace. When building and maintaining trust in the workplace it is vital that I meet aims and objectives set in my workplace. Trust is the base for good communication, motivation and contribution of hard work, also the extra effort that my workers invest in work; it is important that working as a team will allow work to be completed to a high standard using effective and efficient ways of work practice.

When trust exists in a business, almost everything else is easier and more comfortable to achieve. Trust is crucial to productive workplace relationships. Building trust is a win-win situation, the employee gains from feeling valued and a sense of importance, respected and trusted; the team leader gains from having a happy workforce, the company gains from higher productivity,.

If there is no trust in the workplace there is a no win situation in the work place, my experiences are that the workers don’t feel valued, loss of communication, respect for management/team leader this will have an effect on the company with less productivity and low moral within the team. To develop and maintain trust of the team I need to ensure open communication, tell the truth to make decisions that are fair and consistent.

Confidentiality in the workplace can be defined as keeping the employee, customer information private, it is extremely important that it shows respect for people and they can trust you and feel happy enough to tell you any problems they may have. It builds on the ability to have open and honest communication in the workplace safe in the knowledge that any information will not be shared. We need to maintain confidentiality as this would build trust with the team which would help to get the best from individuals.

Certain information handed to the company is protected under the Data Protection Act this is people’s rights to privacy with respect to personal information. In practice it provides a way for individuals to control information about themselves. It is essential that my company fully obeys with the data protection act, not just to avoid prosecution, but to show customers and employees that my company respects everybody’s privacy. If this data is used other than for its purpose not only would the company be breaking the law and liable to prosecution, the employees would lose all trust it had.

Abraham Maslow proposed that humans have a ‘needs’ system that can be arranged in a ‘hierarchical method. (From the lowest need to the highest need)

Maslow argues that it is not until the basic needs are fulfilled that the higher needs become important. So, it is not until physiological issues are satisfied that the team need to feel safe and when this is satisfied we need a sense of belonging so on. Everybody is motivated by simple needs, when the lower needs are satisfied then an individual can continue upwards, in the workplace people need to feel trusted and be able to trust others. The company needs to understand and encourage people’s growth upwards, giving them the development to become more satisfied.

According to Arthur F Carmazzi, each company culture affects the efficiency and level of commitment of the employees within a company. In order to change and evolve a company culture and the commitment of those in it, if there is need to change then I will need to understand their role in the company and make modifications to improve things. Carmazzi has stated 5 levels of company Culture for company change these are THE BLAME, MULTI-DIRECTIONAL, LIVE AND LET LIVE, BRAND CONGRUENT, and LEADERSHIP ENRICHED cultures. The culture that best represents my company is:

LEADERSHIP ENRICHED CULTURE, Employees see the company as an addition of themselves, they feel valued about what they do. The organisation is more...
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