Stylistic Perspective Analysis – Fight Club Movie

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Stylistic Perspective Analysis – Fight Club Movie

Fight Club is a movie where the director and cinematographer employ heavy use of computer graphics and use of camera angles and color. In this paper, I am going to analyze how the film director and cinematographer employ the use of camera angles, color and narratives to help convey a subliminal message to the audience that the narrator in the movie is suffering from insomnia and thus have developed an alter ego. The alter ego he has created is just a mental projection on the narrator's part and the cinematographer has made it possible for audiences to pick up hints or be foreshadowed by the cinematography that the narrator and his alter ego is the same person.

In this paper, I am going to use a stylistic perspective to analyze the film in depth. How the piece of work is presented to the audience is what stylistic perspective is all about. In this case, in films, stylistic perspective will focus on how the director uses the camera, lighting and other tools like narratives to help emphasize a theme or plot to the audience.

During the opening part of the movie, when the narrator’s insomnia worsens and he is unable to sleep, we can see a projection of Tyler Durden appearing at the photocopy machine when the narrator is working. Another time when the narrator is at the cancer support group, in the corridor when the narrator is visiting the doctor and also when the narrator sees Marla leaving a meeting. The projection seen in these scenes were very brief that it can be seen as a subliminal message to the audience that the narrator is handling his problems by projecting an alter ego and these few brief projections were the beginning before Tyler Durden is fully projected by the narrator at the airport.

Another scene that I would like to point out is after where the director shows the narrator is waiting for his luggage and has a conversation with the lost and found employee. After the narrator spoke with the...

References: Fincher, David. Fight Club. October 15, 1999. Fox 2000 Pictures. Regency Pictures.
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