Alien Me!?

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How to create an essay!

♣Read the given article carefully. 
♣Think about 1 or 2 major points you want to articulate in your reaction paper.  ♣Describe your point first ("Lessons Learned," "What you agreed on…" or "What you disagreed on…")  ♣Justify why you think that way. 

♣Provide one or two real-world example(s) - You may use any example you are familiar with, including ones we discuss in class or ones from the textbook. However, please do not assume that I know what you are talking about when you just mention a name (e.g. Enron or Wal-Mart). Provide sufficient background information and how your example(s) support your argument.  ♣Provide how your point relates to Public Relations (e.g. so what does this mean in Public Relations?) 

Desirable Formats

♣Follow step 3 - 6 to make each point clearly (make 1 - 2 major points per each reaction paper) (normally one argument per one paragraph)  ♣After you finish articulating all the points, have a conclusive statement at the end.  ♣Provide reaction paper #, date, your name, and student ID #  ♣Limit your quantity to 1 page 

♣Please proofread your reaction paper carefully to avoid any grammatical mistakes or typos.

            About a third of the way through the term (be sure to check your schedule for exact due dates!), you will be completing a “reaction paper,” which will count for 20% of your course grade.  The paper is basically a more formal and unified version of what most of you will have been writing in your last journal responses to specific films, so the assignment should be no cause for particular anxiety.              Your Study Guide offers a discussion of “Thinking and Writing about Film” (Supplementary Unit 2, pp. 127-133) which is part of the assignment for the start-up, and again for the week when this paper should be completed.  The accompanying broadcast (shown only in the first week during the summer term, but with repeated broadcasts in the longer spring and fall terms) presents first a video that demonstrates how a critical viewer might analyze a film or scene, and then a video displaying the use or applications of  “Film Language.” I find the 30-minute analysis of Scarlet Street thoughtful and entertaining; it’s especially nice to be able to compare the ideas directly with relevant clips from the film.  In some ways, this video analysis is much more accessible and enjoyable than a written analysis can be.  But a written analysis is easier to review and reflect on (since you read at your own pace, not at the pace of the video), and actually writing either analyses or reaction papers is a way for you to discover and reshape your own appreciation of films.              A reaction paper is just what its name suggests—a paper explaining your reaction to a film.  It may be like a review, because your reaction may involve judgment or evaluation; it may be like an analysis, because your reaction may focus on a particular character, relationship, scene, or film technique.  It is also like a journal entry, in that it presents a personal reaction rather than an attempt to provide either definitive judgments or detailed analysis.  It differs from a journal entry, though, in that it is a more formal essay, prepared for an audience.                Like any good essay, your reaction paper should develop one primary idea or perception, support it with specific evidence (usually references to individual shots or scenes), and present both ideas and evidence in clear language and a logical order.  As a partial example, consider my journal entry on Scarface, in your Course Guide.  That response just wanders through scattered impressions.  If I were writing a reaction paper, I would settle on one or two key points I’d like to develop.  I might say, for instance, that the film develops a blunt and unapologetic view of women; or a blunter and less self-conscious view of women than we are likely to find in contemporary...
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