Study of Perceived Work Environment in Terms of Personality

Topics: Employment, Personality type, Personality psychology Pages: 10 (2589 words) Published: April 23, 2013
A study of Perceived Work Environment in terms of Employees Personality Submitted by

Ajit Varwandkar
PGDHR, MBA (Marketing), BE (Mechanical)

Management Research Scholar with

Swami Vivekananda Technical University, Raipur ( C.G.)
[contact :] Guided By : Dr. PB Deshmukh
Director, Shri Shankara Mahavidyalaya, Bhilai, CG.

Dr. J C Ajawani
HOD- Psychology, Arts & Commerce Girls College, Raipur.

ABSTRACT Today's workplace is changing. Organizational structures and the role of employees within these structures are undergoing a transformation. The present study investigates whether differences in personality are systematically related to perceived work environment of the organisation. The advantages of a favourable work environment perception by the employees helps to increase the job satisfaction, organizational commitment, feelings of work group cohesion, organizational tenure, and individual performance. This become’s a recruitment support tool for HR Managers. In the present field study the problem is to identify the perceived work environment in terms of Employee’s personality. To solve this problem a study was conducted on the employees of an organisation in the name of Sky Automobiles, Raipur. The Type A/B personality scale test was administered on a final sample of 100 executives ( male and female ). Out of these, two sets of 15 employees each representing Type A and Type B personality was segregated and on these 30 employees the second test “ The Perceived Work Environment” as constructed by ‘Ajawani JC and Varwandkar V (2007)’ was then further administered to access their perception about the organization.


High score in a perceived Work Environment inventory was considered as the criterion of favourable work environment. As hypothesised executives with Type A personality would perceive their work environment more favourable than those employees with Type B personality is found true in the present research.

Introduction : Work Environment
The term work environment refers to all the factors that influence work. In general, this includes social, cultural, psychological, physical, and environmental conditions. The physical work environment includes lighting, temperature, and noise factors, as well as the whole range of ergonomic influences. It also includes things like supervisory practices as well as reward and recognition programs. All of these things influence how work is performed. Working Environment varies from firm to firm. Work Environment is a term that has been used to describe the broader job-related experience an individual has in his / her organisation. The factors affecting the workplace and its perception are varied in nature like job satisfaction and stress, quality of working life, physical environment, elements of time and social circumstances. Many other factors that also influence the Work Environment is the behaviour of people in authority, mutual relationships amongst the works, their life need satisfactions etc.

Factors affecting Work Environment :
With a view to theoretically understand and study the Work Environment the following four major factors are considered to be critically influencing an office work environment :

• Job Satisfaction • Physical Environment • Elements of time and social circumstances. Job Satisfaction : Abraham Maslow’s ( 1943) need hierarchy theory has been seen as relevant in underpinning these factors affecting work environment. The needs covered in any organizational working are health and safety, economic and family, social, esteem, actualisation, knowledge and aesthetics. Specific attention is focused on quality of work life.


The distinction made between job satisfaction and dissatisfaction in quality of working life reflects the influence of job satisfaction theories. Herzberg at al., (1959) used “Hygiene factors” and “Motivator factors” to distinguish between the separate causes of job satisfaction and job...
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